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Teens Group

Are you a young person aged 12 to 18 years who has Aspergers, is autistic, or who has another similar neurodivergent profile, who is currently enrolled at secondary school?

Are you looking for a group of peers to hang out with, to chat about interests and passions over board games and activities, and generally have fun?

Then our Teens Group may be what you're looking for!

Who is this group for?

Our Teens Group is for young people aged 12 to 18 years, currently enrolled in secondary education, who have Aspergers, are autistic, or who have another similar neurodivergent profile. We welcome teens of all genders, at all stages of the diagnostic journey, including self-identified. If your teen is aged 18 or older and is no longer enrolled in secondary education, the Young Adults Group may be more suitable.

When and where does this group meet?

The Teens Group meets on the first Friday of each month.

Our in-person meetings take place at a range of venues. Usually, we meet at a community centre in Ashwood in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, however we also go bowling, rock climbing, or meet at a restaurant to share a meal together.

When we meet online, our Teens group uses Discord to chat with each other.

As COVID is continuing to affect all of AV's group meetings, please check the calendar below to find out if our next meeting is online via Zoom or in person.

What are group meetings like?

In-person Teens Group meetings: these meetings are split into two parts. In one room, the teens meet with our Teens Mentors, young adults volunteering in a mentor role. The Teens Mentors welcome new attendees, facilitate conversation, and provide supervision.
In a separate room at the same venue, our Teens Parents Group Leaders welcome the teens' parents and carers and facilitate conversation amongst the group. This is setup allows teens to build independence, to meet peers, and develop social connections without pressure, while their parents and carers can also catch up with their peers. Each teen must be accompanied by a parent or carer at each meeting: the parent or carer must stay on-site for the duration of the event and is responsible for the supervision of their teen.

Online Teens Group meetings: these meetings take place via a private, moderated Discord server. The Teens Mentors provide several Discord rooms for the teens to interact, chat, or play online games, and they welcome new participants, facilitate chat and interactions, and provide supervision. Teens are welcome to join in the discussion or to listen to others as they feel comfortable. Each teen must be supervised by a parent or carer while they are accessing the Discord server.

How can I register for the next group meeting?

The next group meeting is listed in the calendar below. If you would like to attend, please click “Register” on the left side and enter your details. If you are joining an AV group meeting for the first time, we invite you to register for a free first-time attendee ticket: please contact our AV admin team to request access code.

If you would like more information about this group, please contact the Teens Group Leader.

Upcoming Group Meetings

    • 4 Feb 2022
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Online via Discord only

    Teens Hub: Online Peer Meeting

    Teens on Discord

    About our Group

    Our Teens group is for Aspergers, autistic and other similar neurodivergent teens to meet and hang out to play games or chat. At our online meetings, the Teens meet via Discord, and each Teen must be supervised by a parent or carer when accessing the Discord server.

    The Teens Team:

    Cost: $5 for members, $10 for non-members. FREE for holders of a +Groups Membership

    Become an AV member today to access discounted tickets for groups and events, members-only programs and interest groups, and to support all the wonderful work our volunteers and staff team do for our community.

    If you are attending an AV group for the first time, you are welcome to register for free using our first-time attendee ticket. Please email our AV Admin team to access this.

    If cost is a barrier, please contact our AV Admin team.

    Do I need to register?

    All attendees to AV's online and in-person groups and events must register before attending. For Zoom meetings, you need to register to access the Zoom details. For in-person meetings, registration is required due to DHHS COVID contact tracing and venue capacity limits.

    When you register, please register using the name of the parent or carer, and please add the name of your teen as part of the registration questions. You will also be asked to confirm that you and your Teen both agree to the Teens Discord Code of Conduct in order to register for the meeting. 

      What is Discord?

      Discord is a free voice, video and text chat app for teens and adults aged 13 and over. Teens can access Discord via their computer or smart phone. Using Discord, they can join servers they have been invited to, create private servers with their friends, or message each other individually or in group chats. We suggest reading the Parents' Guide to Discord Blog before joining for the first time.

      Is it safe for our teens to use?

      Yes. Aspergers Victoria have created a dedicated, secure server for our Teens group. Only registered participants can access the AV Teens Discord server, and the link changes monthly for security. Our moderators have the list of registered teens and will only allow them to be online during the meeting. 

      If you have questions about the event, about AV, or if you need assistance with registration, please contact us: call 0480 385 710 or email our AV admin team.

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    AV Peer Support Groups disclaimer: Please note that AV Peer Support Groups do not not provide professional advice, medical advice, counselling, crisis management or case management.
    If you or someone else needs urgent support, please visit our list of organisations offering crisis support.

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