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The Benefits of Aspergers at work

In a world of multitaskers we need the focus of Aspergers expert minds.

There are so many advantages that Aspergers minds offer employers. Often employers need to understand this in economic terms which include: 

  • the efficiency of Aspergers staff
  • high accuracy
  • high productivity through their focus
  • loyalty and dedication to the business
  • long term employee
  • innovative insights to processes and business
Aspergers may have challenges at work which simply need basic accomodations specific to support that individual such as :
  • simple language with clear instructions
  • sensory environment: noise, smell etc
  • may need time to process instructions or follow fast-paced conversations
  • sometimes support of a work buddy to coach them on social aspects of the role
  • some may need time to adapt to change
  • systems to help them get organised
We offer a coaching service to help employers and employees with specific issues that may arise. 

ABN 47 066 180 983

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