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Online Peer Discussion regarding COVID-19 Uncertainty

  • 18 Mar 2020
  • 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Zoom link on registration
  • 30


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Discussion regarding COVID-19 Uncertainty

**Zoom Online Peer Meeting**

We Aspies / autistics mainly like routine and dislike change - especially when its been unexpected.

Over the past week, the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic in Australia has seemingly gone from "under control" to "all systems go". 

Many office workers have been instructed to work from home if possible. University students have classes cancelled or moved to online at the last minute. Parents are all wondering about the school question. ALL of these things have thrown our routines out.

So let's come together and have a general peer discussion - via Zoom online, not in person- to discuss and brainstorm how to best manage our concerns and ensure we find some calm in this situation. This peer meeting is for those 18+. 

The Zoom session will be facilitated by:

  • Penny Robinson, AV Ambassador (and Lecturer in public health at Monash University)
  • Lyndel Kennedy, AV events team
  • Tamsin Jowett, AV President

Cost:  $5 all tickets for this online meeting. You need to  register and pay prior to attending with your registration. Email if you need assistance to do this.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a program that allows video, web and audio conferencing.You can download it free onto your computer or phone/tablet.

STEP 1: Before the Meeting.  Download Zoom.

Download onto your computer:

  1. Visit, locate Zoom Client for Meetings and click Download.
  2. Follow the download and installation prompts (you do not need admin access).
Download onto your phone / tablet:

1. Go to the App store of your device (e.g. App Store or Google Play).

2. Search for Zoom

3. Download it, as per other apps.

STEP 2: At the Meeting time: Log into Zoom.

1. Open up the Zoom application

1a.  If using a computer - Go to "Settings", and do "Audio" -> "Sound and "Microphone" checks before you start.

2. Enter the Meeting ID you've been provided (in the confirmed registration email). The host will receive a 'door bell' that you are waiting and will admit you to the meeting.

Once you have entered the Zoom meeting room:

  • Make sure that your microphone is muted
  • Video - you can choose if its on or off    (On = more internet used)
  • When you want to talk - unmute microphone.
  • Make sure 1 person talks at a time.

More instructions of how to use Zoom in the meeting will be provided at the start of the meeting.

Contact Details:  Emma at  emall preferred, or 0432 139 528

ABN 47 066 180 983

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