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AV's job coaching 

 What is coaching?

Our World of Work Coaching service provides individualised problem solving and can facilitate you to change aspects of your life and work. It is not advice and it is not counseling or therapy. 

This NEW AV service may support you with life aspects such as:
  • Which career may suit you and your strengths and challenges
  • Finding suitable employment options, resume improvements, interview supports
  • Determining your priorities for your career
  • Working out work related team or social issues you may be facing
  • Supporting you to build understanding with you about your needs at work with your manager or team
  • and more...
We offer mainly Aspergers autistic specific coaching. We are building a team of trained coaches who understand and have specific expertise with Aspergers. 

If you wish to receive some coaching or to be trained as an AV coach, or for more information please email

Why for Aspergers autistics?  This is because this niche group on the broad autism spectrum have a specific mindset and needs in employment. This coaching aims to empower you to discover your best options. You are often neglected or misunderstood by supporting agencies. 

When and where? Our coaching can be face to face (in Melbourne area) or online. It depends what suits you. 

The Cost?  Email us to find out details

ABN 47 066 180 983

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