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Celebrating Aspergers Day with Brainstorm’s production of The Protectors - 12 Feb 2015

This AV event to celebrate the birthday of Dr Hans Asperger, offers our members educational theatre for children to address anti-bullying, as well as support and confidence for vulnerable children. The Protectors production reinforces resilience and provides skills to help reduce the incidences of bullying at school and online including resilience, assertiveness and empathy.

'The Protectors', created by Brainstorm, has been researched and developed in association with teachers and students. It offers concrete solutions and tips that children can practice to protect themselves from hurtful comments and negative behaviours they may encounter in the playground.

Clear instructions on internet safety are delivered in a fun, memorable way. Children will be able to empathise and appreciate the devastating consequences of cyber bullying. 'The Protectors' unlocks the secrets of body language and gives 'Protector Tools' to curb aggressive behaviour.

Date: Thursday February 12, 2015  ( Suitable for 6-12 years)

Place:  The Nerve Centre, 54 Railway street, Blackburn

Time:  6.30 –8 pm followed by a light supper.

Cost: $5 per person (adult or child). Parents required to stay with children.

Bookings: Book and pay online at www.trybooking.com/GLXF

MORE INFO: Contact Cristina by email: events@aspergersvic.org.au