Library (Temporarily Suspended)

March 2016

Unfortunately we have had to close the library service for the time being due to a lack of volunteers able to co-ordinate the library service.

We are always looking for volunteers to assist with opening times, so if you have an interest in books, and are available for a 1-3 hours per month on one or more nights, please send us an email 

Aspergers Victoria has a comprehensive library collection of approximately 300 items available for current members to borrow, free of charge.  Our collection includes the latest books, DVDs and journals covering the issues that face parents, partners, siblings, children, teens, young adults and adults living with Asperger Syndrome.  The collection also has numerous resources to help teachers, integration aides, support and health professionals working with individuals with Aspergers and autism. 

For a full listing of our catalogue, click here to download the PDF.  

PLEASE NOTE - you must be a current Aspergers Victoria member to borrow from the library!

The collection is housed on the ground floor at The Nerve Centre, 54 Railway Rd, Blackburn VIC 3130. 

To Borrow:
The resources can only be accessed during published opening hours.  Once you have selected your items, please complete the borrowing form and hand it to the library volunteer.

If the titles you want are not available, leave a written message in the Aspergers Victoria library box for our volunteer librarian. She will contact you about posting the items when they are returned.  Please note postage is to be paid for by the borrower. 

You may borrow up to two resources at a time, for a period of four weeks.  Items may be renewed for a further four weeks if not reserved for someone else.  If you would like to renew a loan, please email our library co-ordinator before the due date. 

To Return:

If returning items in person, please use the locked Aspergers Victoria Library box in the library section at The Nerve Centre.  Please do NOT leave them on the Nerve Centre reception desk or on top of the shelves.
If returning items by post, please address to:  MS Library, Private Bag 900, Blackburn VIC 3130.
Overdue items, if not returned, will need to be replaced or reimbursement will be required.
Please note the due date for return is located on the borrowing slip given to you at the time of borrowing.

New Titles
We are constantly on the lookout for new titles and resources that may be of benefit to our members.  If you have any suggestions for new purchases, please email our librarian.