Just Diagnosed…What Next?

I am a parent …

I need to learn more!

  • Read as much as you can, such as Tony Attwood’s ‘Asperger Syndrome: A Guide for Parents & Professionals’, www.tonyattwood.com.au
  • Search the internet (be discerning)!

I would like to meet other parents of AS kids

  • Join a local support group
  • Attend as many information events as you feel you need to

I am an adult …

I would like to meet up with others with Asperger Syndrome

  • Try to join a support group for AS adults (Aspergers Victoria holds monthly meetings in Blackburn)
  • Try to join an association which shares your special interest

I would like to see a counselor

I would like to tell my friends/family/colleagues

  • Here are some suggestions:
  • Read about Sharing the Diagnosis Fact Sheet
  • Write a letter
  • Seek counsellor’s advice
  • Someone could help you speak to others
  • Someone could speak on your behalf

I am a partner …

I would like to meet up with other partners

I would like to get counselling for myself and/or my partner

  • See our links to professionals (these links should specify whether they see couples)


I want more information . . .

Amaze/Autism Victoria has a 24 page booklet on ASDs, designed as a starting point for families and individuals. You can download a copy from their website resources page here www.amaze.org.au/discover/about-autism-spectrum-disorders/resources