Aspergers Victoria Advertising Policy

We receive many requests from individual, companies and organisations wanting to purchase advertising space on our website or newsletters.  For your information, we set out below our policy on advertising and promotions:

Aspergers Victoria does not, unless special circumstances apply, consider selling advertising space on our website or in our quarterly newsletter.  Aspergers Victoria does not, unless special circumstances apply, consider promoting products or services that are only or predominantly for commercial purposes.  If a product or service has a non-profit element to it, or if it can be demonstrated to have significant public interest benefit to people with Asperger Syndrome or their family / carers, we may consider special requests in this category.  Such a request may require Committee approval.

However, Aspergers Victoria does consider promoting research or studies in the field of Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism.  We may advise our members of your event, research study, product or service via a Latest News item, Event Listing, Research Request or inclusion in our online Professional Directory, if we consider it appropriate to do so.  

As a solely volunteer-run and self-funding group, we ask that you consider joining Aspergers Victoria as a member, to help us continue to offer services to the AS community.  Membership fees are very low - only $50 for the first year, then $35 to renew annually.  Click here to read more about membership.

If you would like to publicise or promote what you are doing through us, and your activities fall within this policy, then please send us a copy of what you want publicised together with a short summary of what you are doing by email as follows: 

For the website, please send copy to our website co-ordinator

For the newsletter please send copy to our newsletter editor

We will consider your request and respond to you as soon as possible.